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ECOWOOL, our new generation range of glass mineral wool insulation, employs an exciting new binder that incorporates a natural anti formaldehyde ingredient and is low in volatile organic compounds. Once installed, ECOWOOL acts as a highly effective barrier to heat flow, keeping your building cool during hot weather.  It combines cost efficiency with the highest standard of insulation performance when installed in either wood, cement board  or steel  stud  partition and in ceiling system applications.

Advantages of ECOWOOL 


Retains shape and form

The ECOWOOL batt has the advantage of being incredibly soft to the touch but retains its form and shape better than other soft touch batts in the market place. This is a definite advantage when installing to walls and ceilings. 

Sustainable Product

Satisfying the growing indoor air quality (IAQ) needs, uses no ozone depleting products (ODP) in manufacture and has low volatile organic compounds (VOCs) content.

Optimal fibre diameter

Optimal fibre diameter produces more air chamber thus enhancing the insulating performance. 

Better fibre network 

Fine, longer and evenly distributed fibre network helps in creating better tensile strength allowing the insulation to demonstrate superior durability , flexibility and feeling much softer.

Less dusty and less itchy
Specifically engineered to produce a comfortable and less dusty insulation. The insulation creates a pleasant work experience by reducing the tingling feeling during installation.

Mould Resistant
Does not encourage growth of mould, fungus or bacteria

ECOWOOL is produced using bio-soluble fibres. Biosoluble fibres have been extensively researched and shown to pose no long term health risks. 


Chemically inert. Will not cause or accelerate corrosion of steel, stainless steel, copper or aluminum due to its specifically inorganic and mineral composition. 

Reduce ​​​​​sound transmission 
Exceptional sound absorbing properties, designed to reduce transmission of unwanted noise, EcoWool is ideal for drywall partition systems for rooms and offices in residential, commercial and industrial buildings.



Fire Hazard Properties
·  ECOWOOL insulation is non-combustible when tested in accordance with AS1530 Part 1: 1994
·  ECOWOOLl insulation achieve the following Early Fire Hazard Performance Indices of; Ignitability 0, Spread of Flame 0, Heat Evolved 0, Smoke Developed 0-1, in accordance with AS1530.3:1999;

Surface Burning Characteristics 
Meets the surface burning characteristics and limited combustibility of the followings standards (plain/unfaced):  ASTM E84 

Thermal Conductivity
Tested and complies with ASTM C518 at 23°C mean temperature. Please refer to the product range table for more information on the thermal resistance values. ECOWOOL complies with AS/NZS4859:1 – 2018 "Material used in the thermal insulation of a building", and the Building Code of Australia (BCA).

Acoustical Performance
ECOWOOL acts as a baffle to reduce sound transmission both from outside and inside sources. It is tested and complies with ASTM C423. Type 'A' mounting. 

Individual Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCS) Emission
ECOWOOL is safe to use due to the low VOC content. Tested in accordance with ASTM D 5116-06.

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