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What is ECOWOOL?

ECOWOOL, our new generation range of glass mineral wool insulation manufactured by PGF Insulation, provides a unique high-performance profile which combines safety, quality and performance. The new generation glass mineral wool insulation is a high performance glass mineral wool insulation that consists of much smaller fibre diameter compared to other man-made vitreous fibre insulation material. This means they are more efficient and effective in their thermal and acoustic insulation performance.

Due to the fine fibres, it enables them to demonstrate high insulation performance. These fibres are more uniform resulting in fibres which are of the same diameter evenly distributed throughout the fibre network.

Our advanced fibre forming equipment and technology produces ECOWOOL with much smaller fibre diameter, without slag balls and uniformly distributed fibres.


SensiTouch: Dust & Itch Control Technology

ECOWOOL Insulation utilises SensiTouch Technology, an innovative new binder which incorporates a natural anti-formaldehyde ingredient and is low in volatile organic compounds, making for a safer and more pleasant installation process.

SensiTouch Technology was developed for glass mineral wool and has been rolled out successfully across Asia, raising the bar on sustainability while enhancing the performance qualities.

Key benefits of SensiTouch Technology:

  • Firm Friction Fit - exceptional stiffness and recovery characteristics with no additional handwork needed so you can achieve high-quality, inspection-ready installs
  • Soft Touch Less Itch - improves installation through reduced dust and particulates and increased workability
  • Hypoallergenic - unlikely to cause an allergic reaction
  • Improved indoor air quality (IAQ) - less formaldehyde means a healthier living environment. Formaldehyde won't escape from our insulation into the air you breathe.
  • No artificial colour or dye added - naturally brown containing no artifical colours

Product Warranty

ECOWOOL Insulation, subject to the conditions and limitations set in our product warranty documents, warrants its resin bonded glass mineral wool insulations are manufactured in accordance with AS/NZS-4859.1-2018 and are fit for the purpose of insulating ceilings, external timber frame walls, underfloors and internal acoustic partitions, if tested in accordance with the methodology referred to in AS/NZS-4859.1-2018, if properly installed in accordance with the installation instructions and if maintained according to relevant standards including AS-3999/NZS-4246.

ECOWOOL Insulation products are covered by a 70 year product warranty.