ECOWOOL Insulation

ECOWOOL Insulation

ECOWOOL Insulation  has years of experience in designing, manufacturing and distributing glass wool insulation for energy efficiency and climate control. We form part of the wider  Poly Glass Fibre (PGF) Insulation business and have been distributing our ECOWOOL product range in Australia for over 13 years.

All ECOWOOL products have received Third Party Product Certification that they comply with AS/NZS 4859.1.2018. This independent assurance gives you peace of mind that you are fulfilling all your obligations as required under the Building Code of Australia.

With over 259 highly skilled employees and state of the art production facilities located in Malaysia, PGF Insulation ranks among the top glass wool manufacturers in the Asia Pacific region.

We have sales and distribution outlets set up in New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland & Western Australia. Our export market comprises of countries such as New Zealand, Singapore, Japan, Taiwan, Vietnam, Indonesia, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Bahrain, Ireland, Russia, Canada and many more.

Since 1984, we have consistently demonstrated our ability to invent products that improve quality of life. As one of the top mineral wool insulation manufacturers, we continue to deploy our technological know-how, often in partnership with the most prestigious and reputable organisations in the industry. Being one of the industry leaders in the manufacture of glass wool insulation, we offer solutions to the major challenges of energy efficiency and environmental protection.

Our ECOWOOL product range employs an exciting new binder that incorporates a natural anti formaldehyde
ingredient and is low in volatile organic compounds, making for a safer and more pleasant installation process. Once installed, ECOWOOL acts as a highly effective barrier to heat flow. It combines cost efficiency with the highest standard of insulation performance.

We pride ourselves on being able to deliver an innovative product range, and to provide our customers with manufacturer direct prices.


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